Rush Limbaugh & Pro Football

Poor Rush Limbaugh. His buddies kicked him off the team they had assembled to purchase the St. Louis Rams. Actually, "poor" is one thing that Limbaugh is not, at least if we are speaking about money and if you are thinking of buying a professional football team, money has ceased being an issue in your life.

I have no idea why Limbaugh’s friends decided to dump him from their bidding team or why NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell evidently suggested that their bid had a better chance without him. I am guessing it was a business decision, that their bid was being overshadowed by his notoriety, and specifically the attention focused on some racially-laced comments that were, you will pardon the expression, off-color. There is only one business that tends to flourish by being notorious and Mr. Limbaugh has already mastered it.


Limbaugh thinks he knows why this tragedy has befallen him. "This is about the on-going effort by the Left in this country, wherever you find them, in the media, the Democrat Party, or wherever, to destroy conservatism, to prevent the mainstreaming of anyone who is prominent as a conservative. Therefore, this is about the future of the United States of America and what kind of country we’re going to have." My hand slaps my forehead: Of course, THAT is what this is about. Please.

Conservatives need to choose here. This was a free market decision made by business partners. There was no government intervention. You can’t blame judicial activism or the Obama health care reform effort for this one.

If this were any other type of business proposition, perhaps a few racially insensitive remarks in one’s past might not cause such a stir. But, contemporary professional sports employ a language that has a history. Teams do not "hire" players, they "buy" them. Add to the mix the fact that many of those players are black and almost all the owners are white, and well, you can see why racial sensitivities are important.

But, I suspect the real reason for the controversy surrounding the bid, and the decision by the business partners to exclude Limbaugh, is simpler and one that conservatives should applaud. Football is about football, not about politics. And, if Mr. Limbaugh is involved, it is a fair assumption that he will think it will be all about him. Those who want the business of sports to be about sports can be forgiven for thinking that Mr. Limbaugh would introduce a new, and different, agenda. Why would you think that? Because Mr. Limbaugh reduces everything to a fight between liberals who are destroying America and conservatives who are trying to save it.

On Sunday afternoon, Americans of all ideological stripes like to kick back, turn on the television and relax. They don’t want to think about out-year deficit projections or the intricacies of a public health care option. They want to enjoy the game. By his mere presence, Limbaugh would distract us from the thing we use to distract us. A blessing on Mr. Goddell for saving this slice of American life from the blunderbuss of talk radio.

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9 years 3 months ago
Limbaugh is nothing but devisive.  A while back we were at a gathering of about 10 couples, all having a good time.  Someone mentioned Rush.  There was a sudden silence.  One person made a brief polite but critical comment about him and his views.  Then we dropped the subject and went back to having a good time.  He's for his crowd, not for the larger crowd, not for football.  An NFL team is a business and a business wants to draw customers from the entire population not from one-half or less, certainly not from a small group of white males.  I agree, football is a distraction from politics.  Keep it that way.              
9 years 3 months ago
Hey Ed, Huh?
9 years 3 months ago
For someone who does nothing to better the world, Rush Limbaugh gets far too much attention from both conservative and liberal media outlets.  Every utterance makes front page news.  The Right APPLAUDS him and the Left CRITICIZES him.  Aren't there more important issues in the world?  I think that we would all be better off if we simply IGNORE him.
9 years 3 months ago
I would much rather the current and retired players bought the teams, as well as the host cities.  It's time to end the plutocracy.
9 years 3 months ago
I could care less whether Rush Limbaugh gets to own a football team.  It is a private business and they can do as they please.
I do think that those who say that Limbaugh is a racist yet they cannot give any examples of his racisim other than lies or the fact that he disagrees with the policy of a black president.
The worst racism is the black man that told Juan Williams on Fox to "go back to the porch" because he had the audacity to defend Limbaugh.  That is deplorable!
Robert O'Connell
9 years 3 months ago
When he says, "Because Mr. Limbaugh reduces everything to a fight between liberals who are destroying America and conservatives who are trying to save it," is Sean Winters conceding that liberals are destroying America and conservatives are trying to save it?
9 years 3 months ago
It was His partners that 'threw him under the bus'... in what political party are they registered ?which is in public domain? 


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