Poverty, Poetry, Chastity and Stephen Colbert

I'm always up for something new and fun, especially if it's just down the street.  Anyway, when the good people at Bigthink, a hip new website, called me up for series of interviews in their way-cool downtown studio, I was game.  They ask all sorts of "experts" sitting in front of a plain white screen to answer a variety of questions that they throw at you without much preparation on your part: mainly things they think their viewers might be interested in.  So here we go, answering questions about poverty, chastity and obedience, as well as questions about poetry, Stephen Colbert, Ignatian prayer, the papacy, being hip, vocation, anti-Catholicism and pretty much anything you could imagine. You'll see. The above video is one segment. The whole interview, broken down into bite-sized segments, is here.  To give you an idea of the relative youth of the staff, before the interview I asked, "Who is your audience?"  And the young bright woman interviewing me said, "Well, you'd be surprised, mainly older people."  Really?  "Yes," she said, "Often people in their forties."


James Martin, SJ


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James Lindsay
8 years ago
Thanks for making most of us feel really old too.
Beth Cioffoletti
8 years ago
I just forwarded that clip on to my 25 (almost 26) year old son!  Great advice that kids, um, young adults, need to hear these days.  Way, way, way too much emphasis put on making and having money in this culture.  THANKS, Fr. Jim.  We need more people who show how following a dream is done in our world today.


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