In the News, July 30

Secretary of State John Kerry appoints former American ambassador to Israel to represent the U.S. in the new series of talks in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, settlers burned a Palestinian family's olive grove for the eigth time while leaving their patch unscathed. The family plans to file a report with the Israeli police, but they are not expecting much to come of it.


Go forth and set the world on fire! Pope Francis has certainly drawn attention with his recent comments on gays and women in the church. America's editor-at-large Father Jim Martin reacts on MSNBC and CNN

Both Mexican and American Bishops assert the importance of protecting the human rights of immigrants.

On Egypt: The White House vows to hold Egyptian government to its "moral and legal obligations" as U.S. aid continues. This slideshow documents Egypt's transition from Mubarak to Morsi in pictures.

America's Raymond Schroth, S.J. reacts to The Lone Ranger (and he isn't alone in his opinion).

Super size my pay! Employees at fast food restaurants strike in U.S. cities including New York, Chicago and St. Louis.

Going Viral: A thoughtful reaction to the Fox News Reza Aslan interview. Still haven't seen the interview? Here it is.

The Bible 2.0: Holy Gospel... app? (Even if The Hulk is Catholic, his fingers may be too big for the screen of a smartphone).

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