Our friends at The Jesuit Post are running a photo contest inviting people to submit photos that illustrate the elusive Jesuit/Ignatian term magis (which means the more, the better, the greater for God.)  Their headline asks, "What if St. Ignatius had a smartphone?"  That got me thinking, and prompted me to do some digging, which resulted in the discovery of some formerly overlooked writings of the saint.  So here are The Selected Tweets of St. Ignatius.  Or, how might a 27-year-old man have communicated his experiences using the medium that many in his generation are using today. (Thanks to Loyola Press for their Iggy image.)





Feeling great.  Looking good.  Lots of ladies.  You should see my armor, dudes.  Sweet.  #LIVINGLARGE


Anyone in Loyola tonight?  #PARTYTIME


Back to soldiering.  Glad to be back with my buds.  #WORKAGAIN!




Off to Pamplona to kick some French BUTT!  Should be great.  With my buds.  Plenty of ammo. Outnumbered but sure we'll win.  #NUMBERONE


BUMMER!  Got shot w cannonball in leg in Pamplona smackdown.  Hurts like @#$$.  Getting carried back to Loyola by FRENCH guys.  #NOWWHAT? 


Back in Loyola w family.  They're driving me nuts. Nothing to read except Lives of Saints and Life of Christ. Both boring.  #BOREDOUTOFSKULL


Liking the saints' lives book.  Not bad.  Thinking Dominic and Francis were pretty great.  Maybe I could do something like that.  #CRAZY? 


Feeling lots better. Thinking about the saints a lot. When I think about saints: good. About going back to old ways: lousy.  #INTERESTING


Want to change.  Need to change.  Will change.  #PRAYPRAYPRAY




Go to Montserrat.  Bum leg still.  Bums me out but not much.  Mountain climb tough.  Gave away clothes.  Sword too. Prayed a lot.  #FEELGOOD


At Manresa.  Heard of it?  Cool cave where I can pray.  Yeah, pray.  Pretty cold but I like it. Little house nearby where I stay. #WHATNEXT?


Must remember what happened by Cardoner River today.  Want to explain it someday but maybe can't.  #OVERWHELMED  #LOVEGOD  #BEAUTIFUL


Off to Holy Land!  Can't believe it.  Should be great.  Travel arrangements nutty.  Looking forward to seeing where Jesus walked.  #CANTWAIT


Got to Holy Land!  Jerusalem is awesome. Walked around everywhere. Saw Ascension place. Little chapel. Footprints. Hope to stay.  #HOLYLAND


Franciscans kicked me out of Holy Land!  BUMMER. Have to accept. Think they thought I was nuts.  Maybe they're right. Going home.  #NOWWHAT?


Sorry no Tweets for a while.  Studying hard.  Latin.  Other stuff.  Alcala and Salamanca are nice.  Begging a lot. Happy  #BACKTOBASICS


In Paris! Tres bien. Great food. Cool roommates: Francisco Javier (into sports).  Pierre Favre (quiet, prays, hard name to pronounce)  #DORM


Thinking about my friends, and what God wants.  Poverty.  Chastity.  Obedience.  Yes.  Might make it formal.  God feels close. #DISCERNING. 


Made vows in chapel in Montmartre.  Beautiful.  Good to have friends along for the ride.  Happy.  Peaceful.  #LOVEGOD


Ordained!  Can't believe it.  Happy.  Feel energized. Venice is cool.  Canals.  Should I learn to swim?  #THANKYOUGOD 


Off to Rome.  Via little town called La Storta.  Leg hurts.  But not so bad.  Can't wait to see Pope.  Holiness?  Excellency?  #HIGHHOPES


La Storta: Overwhelmed.  So happy.  Vision I have to explain some time.  #BEAUTIFUL  #THANKYOUGOD  #LOVEGOD


Decided to start "Society of Jesus."  Crazy huh?  But we're all decided and excited about new group.  Will ask Pope to approve.  #MAGIS


Pope said YES.  Official.  How did I get here?  How did we get here? God's GRACE!  Now have to find digs in Rome.  Lots to do. #STOKED


Elected SUPERIOR GENERAL.  BUMMED!  Don't like the admin work. Other guys insisted.  Think of all the letters to write!  #NOSETOGRINDSTONE


Said goodbye to best bud Francis.  He's off to Africa, India, maybe China.  He said, "Send me!" when I needed someone. Classy.  #GOODFRIENDS


Writing something I'm gonna call Spiritual Exercises. Dumb title? Something catchier? Old notes help. Four weeks? Going well though. #PRAY


Someone wants me to do my AUTOBIOGRAPHY.  Not happy about that.  Good to get down though.  But don't like talking about me.  #PAININTHENECK


Oh man.  Administration is for birds.  Some of these SJs (new shorthand) driving me nuts.  But most guys GREAT. LETTERS out the wazoo. #DESK


Not feeling well at all.  #SICK


So grateful to God.  #THANKYOU


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Cody Serra
5 years 11 months ago
Your capacity to place yourself in the time, mind and heart of Iñigo is admirable...

Guess the practice with Ignatian meditation and your inner life truly help.

You make Iñigo sound contemporary and approachable.  His life story in tweets!!!

Thanks, Fr. Jim.
5 years 11 months ago
So clever - Love it!  my kids might even read it ;)  #consolation
Bill Collier
5 years 11 months ago
Very clever!

I'd humbly add:

Said goodbye today to best bud Francis. Wont see him again on earth. Faith hurts. #WHATPROFITSAMAN
5 years 11 months ago
Fabulous, Jim.  For the first time I can imagine Ignatius as a real human being.  Instead of taking us back in history to meet him, you bring him into the present.
Sara Damewood
5 years 11 months ago
Makes me want to follow St. Iggy! #funny #informative #CleverJesuits #AMDG!
Pedro Arrupe
5 years 11 months ago
I wonder what Ignatius would have tweeted about his experiences of being arrested/detained during the Inquisition? Peace - Anthony 
Patricia Shannon
5 years 11 months ago
I realize I smiled the entire time I read Iggy's tweets. Good job. Now, on the feat of All Souls I reflect that our entire life can be summed up in a few tweets. R.I.P.  Live forever in LOVE. 


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