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Father Timothy Gottschalk
Terrance Klein January 13, 2017

Our deepest identities are found in our call to service.


Terrance Klein January 07, 2017
Eyes of faith see things in the world that others insist are just not there.
Terrance Klein December 30, 2016
Everything that she was, formed who he became.
Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill December 24, 2016
As Advent hurtles towards a close, it is my hope that our readings have illuminated the freedom we find in the commitment to prayer.
Terrance Klein December 23, 2016
Reformers might rail against sacred images, but, at Christmas, the world turns Catholic to gaze upon the Christ child.
Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill December 23, 2016
The relationship with Christ that we cultivate through prayer is grounded in his complete understanding of who we are, down to speaking our very name.