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Matthew PortoMarch 31, 2022

Even from here, I’ve come to know you.
My kind disapproves of my interest—
they call me exoticist, colonizer.

You know better.

You, standing still in the garden
with an idle shovel leaned against your thigh,
entranced by the jays’ squawk, by their movements
as they carry sunlight on their wings
into the darkening elm boughs;
and you on the subway car,
regarding the frozen tunnels with sympathy,
with recognition of a familiar pressure, of mutual suffering,
as the train lights shove the dark forward….

Most of my kind, when they come,
take pleasure in blinding you,
in watching you fall to your knees.

But I am here to say Get used to the light.

The latest from america

In the decade between Sandy Hook and Robb Elementary, America reported or commented on mass shootings approximately 171 times, or about once per month.
Matt Malone, S.J.May 26, 2022
Carol Keehan, D.C., the former head of the Catholic Health Association who was credited with helping pass the Affordable Care Act in 2010, was recognized with the Spirit of Francis Award from Catholic Extension.
San Antonio’s archbishop said it was important to be with the people suffering to remind them they are not alone, to give families the support they need, and to show them “love, love, love.”
Archpriest Maximian Pogorelovskiy inside Holy Martyrs Adrian and Natalia church in Odessa. Photo by Matthieu de La Rochefoucauld.
“The church of Odessa shares the pain of its inhabitants. The church is not a building; it is people,” said Archpriest Maximian Pogorelovskiy, a spokesperson for the Orthodox Diocese of Odessa.
Clotilde BigotMay 26, 2022