Writing poetry in a notebook
Arts & Culture Poetry
America StaffMay 31, 2019
The Foley Poetry Prize has been awarded every spring since 1988.
Lynn and Mark were married in 2016 after their annulment was approved thanks to reforms to the process initiated by Pope Francis. (photo: Salt & Light TV)
Arts & Culture Film
Emma Winters May 31, 2019
The key, the filmmakers say, was to shift the spotlight off of Francis onto ordinary people who have been impacted by him.
Faith The Word
Michael SimoneMay 31, 2019
Divine love requires humility and service
Arts & Culture Film
James T. KeaneMay 31, 2019
It's not easy to portray Joseph Heller's 'Catch-22' on film, but a new miniseries didn't miss the target.
Faith Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O’ConnellMay 31, 2019
The path to building an inclusive society is one where every person is seen as a brother or sister and “where the weak, the poor and the least are no longer seen as undesirables that keep the ‘machine’ from functioning,” the pope said on May 31, the first day of his visit to Romania.
Politics & Society Your Take
Our readersMay 31, 2019
In their written responses, several readers invoked the Hippocratic Oath, from which the phrase “first do no harm” is derived.
Arts & Culture Books
Kate SteinMay 31, 2019
A new book on sea-level rise by Elizabeth Rush is a welcome addition to the small but growing canon on what the changing climate means for U.S. residents.
Faith The Word
Michael SimoneMay 31, 2019
With a faith like that of our biblical ancestors, we can find in Christ’s body, blessed and broken for us, the source of everything we need.
Politics & Society Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.May 31, 2019
The subject of every public policy question is a person, created and redeemed through love, writes Matt Malone, S.J.
Inmates share a meal at a spiritual retreat held by Thrive for Life at the Otisville Correctional Facility in Otisville, N.Y. (photo courtesy of Thrive for Life)
Politics & Society Short Take
John T. BoothMay 31, 2019
The paramount concern of all prisons is safety. This is understandable, but it still seems unfair when security eclipses the health and well-being of inmates, writes John T. Booth.
Arts & Culture Books
Andrea ViciniMay 31, 2019
A new book offers continuing critical reflection on the ministry of Catholic health care.
Faith Your Take
Our readersMay 31, 2019
Reader Comments
Faith Faith in Focus
Many stories of ordinary people responding to suffering in extraordinary fashion have not yet been captured in forms that will last.
Arts & Culture Books
A new memoir by Elaine Pagels plumbs some of the deepest questions about what it means to be human and how ritual and faith can help make sense of the unfathomable.
Faith The Word
Michael SimoneMay 31, 2019
Christians who continue Christ’s mission make the divine presence felt in even the most hostile of places.
Arts & Culture Film
Ciaran FreemanMay 31, 2019
Should filmmakers make the pain of addiction bearable to watch? In "Beautiful Boy" and "Ben is Back" they try.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Marjorie MaddoxMay 31, 2019
the now-maimed but still living parents beg, “Arise, come forth!”
Arts & Culture Books
Tobias WinrightMay 31, 2019
The costs of medicine in the United States are addressed in different, though complementary, ways in two new books on broken U.S. health care.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Joe Hoover, S.J.May 31, 2019
Entrants to this year’s contest included poems about human trafficking, the Mueller Report, priestly abuse and screen addiction.
Politics & Society Editorials
The EditorsMay 31, 2019
Dental care should be a priority in any plan to reduce inequities and improve the well-being of all citizens.