Inside the Vatican
On this episode of “Inside the Vatican,” America’s Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell walks listeners through the story of how the pope and the grand imam rebuilt the once-icy relationship between the Vatican and the top Sunni institute, Al-Azhar University.
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Shelby Kearns
The diminishing place of religion in higher education and for Christianity’s diminishing place in academia are a great loss to our educational institutions and intellectual life.
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Thomas Adamson, Associated PressJeffrey Schaeffer, Associated Press
Two years after a fire tore through Paris’ most famous cathedral and shocked the world, French President Emmanuel Macron visited the building site that Notre Dame has become to show that French heritage has not been forgotten despite the pandemic.
FaithThe Good Word
Terrance Klein
Intimacy and the honest pleasures of the flesh will not fade away.
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Ashley Herzog
On the 109th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Ashley Herzog writes about the last moments of Father Thomas Byles, who ministered to Catholic passengers and is being proposed for sainthood.
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Samuel J. Aquila
Archbishop Aquila: When the church minimizes the danger of an unworthy reception of the Eucharist, she fails to properly love those who continue to jeopardize their souls. Trading “civility” and “engagement” for eternal life is not a good trade.
FaithFaith and Reason
Louis J. Cameli
The question of giving Holy Communion to those in same-sex marriages has both canonical and pastoral implications.
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Pope Francis
If prayer ceases, the Church has become like an empty shell that it has lost its bearings.
FaithVatican Dispatch
Gerard O’Connell
A new book takes readers behind the scenes of the unlikely friendship between the leader of the Catholic Church and the head of the most prestigious and influential Islamic institute in the world.
Soli Salgado - Catholic News Service
Women religious have long ministered to people experiencing homeless or inadequate housing.
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Joe Ruff - Catholic News Service
“I am encouraged and inspired by the pleas for peace that have continued to come from the family of George Floyd” over the Wright shooting, Archbishop Hebda added.
Catholic News Service
In 2019 Bishop Hoeppner was publicly accused of trying to cover up allegations of sexual abuse against a priest of the diocese. He has denied he thwarted such an investigation.
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J.D. Long-García
‘It is a question of perspective. Whose perspective do we adopt when we ask questions like that?’
FaithShort Take
Adam A.J. Deville
The psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan explained how it can be healthy to sometimes ‘hate’ what we truly love, including the church.
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Nicholas D. Sawicki
If precedent is any indicator, whoever Biden names is likely to be a practicing Catholic who has either worked or volunteered with the Catholic Church — and who is an open supporter of the president.
Cindy Wooden - Catholic News Service
The Vatican conference will seek to move away from a theology of the priesthood based on ‘ecclesiastical power’ toward one rooted in the priesthood of all believers conferred at baptism.
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Yonat Shimron - Religion News Service
“My neighborhood, my family and I have a right to live without a nuclear gun on hair-trigger alert held perpetually to our heads,” Colville told the judge.
Matt Sedensky - Associated Press
Around the Felician world, gripping news trickled out from their convent in Livonia, Michigan, last March, of sisters becoming sick and being hospitalized.
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Debra K. Mooney
We are all emerging from our Covid retreat and encountering sensory overload, writes Debra K. Mooney. The principles of Ignatian retreat and discernment can help us with the re-entry process.
Pope Francis celebrates Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday at the Church of the Holy Spirit near the Vatican in Rome April 11, 2021. (CNS photo/Vatican Media)
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Pope Francis
Pope Francis’s homily for the second Sunday of Easter: ’Having received mercy, let us now become merciful.‘