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FaithFaith and Reason
Bill McCormick, S.J.
Can American society, which is so divided by questions of truth, goodness and justice, look to universities for a new consensus on these terms and practices?
FaithScripture Reflections
J.D. Long García
A Reflection for the Memorial of St. Agatha, Virgin and Martyr, by J.D. Long García
FaithScripture Reflections
Rachel Lu
A Reflection for Saturday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time, by Rachel Lu
The Kissinger family, 1965.
FaithFaith in Focus
Meg Kissinger
The gift of my Catholic faith is one I cherish above all others. And, yet, how do I love a church that once considered my brother and sister to be unworthy of eternal life with God?
FaithVatican Dispatch
Gerard O’Connell
In an exclusive interview with Gerard O‘Connell, two bishops—one Catholic, one Anglican—discuss the road ahead toward Christian unity.
FaithFaith in Focus
Bryant Keith Alexander
Even today, if bells are not rung at the consecration, my memory fills in the space of silence.
Arts & CultureCatholic Movie Club
John Dougherty
Monica and Quincy are competitive basketball players whose drive to succeed often clashes with their feelings for each other.
In downtown Boa Vista, an enormous statue of a garimpeiro panning for gold dominates the square facing the state legislature.
Politics & SocietyDispatches
Michael SwanYone Simidzu
Over the four-year administration of President Jair Bolsonaro, between 2019 and 2023, 570 Yanomami children perished as 20,000 wildcat miners, known in Brazil as garimpeiros, tore up the forest in what should have been protected Yanomami territory, seeking gold, tin and minerals used in contemporary hi-tech products.
“Fellow Travelers” is a comprehensive depiction of late 20th century gay life and the events that shaped it (photo: Showtime).
Arts & CultureTelevision
Ryan Di Corpo
“Fellow Travelers” is a broad and intimate depiction of late 20th century gay life and the events that shaped it.
Politics & SocietyPodcasts
This week on “Jesuitical,” Zac and Ashley are joined by Matthew Cressler, creator of “Bad Catholics, Good Trouble,” a webcomic series about anti-racism and struggles for justice across U.S. Catholic history.
Peter Smith - Associated Press
In a country disillusioned with Catholicism, Ireland’s St. Brigid is having a moment.
Palestinians arrive in the southern Gaza town of Rafah after fleeing an Israeli ground and air offensive in the nearby city of Khan Younis on Friday, Jan. 26, 2024. Israel has expanded its offensive in Khan Younis, saying the city is a stronghold of the Hamas militant group. (AP Photo/Fatima Shbair)
Politics & SocietyDispatches
Kevin Clarke
C.R.S. President Sean Callahan spent a dramatic day in Rafah, meeting with a few of the hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians who have escaped the fighting between Hamas and the Israel Defense Forces.
Nicole Winfield - Associated Press
Mauro Pallotta, the Italian graffiti artist known as Maupal, has designed cartoon-like images of Pope Francis around the Vatican for a decade. On Thursday, he sat the podium at the Vatican news conference.
FaithScripture Reflections
Kevin Christopher Robles
A Reflection for the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, by Kevin Christopher Robles
Cindy Wooden - Catholic News Service
In cases of a cleric sexually abusing a “vulnerable adult,” the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith investigates and judges only cases involving “persons who habitually have an imperfect use of reason.”
Politics & SocietyThe Weekly Dispatch
Kevin Clarke
The child tax credit enhancements will lift as many as 400,000 children above the poverty line in 2024 and move an additional 3 million U.S. children in deep poverty closer to the poverty line.
FaithShort Take
Charles C. Camosy
If you identify as pro-choice, resist the label pro-abortion and sincerely want to reduce the number of unwanted and coerced abortions, the opportunities to do so are abundant and bipartisan.
FaithScripture Reflections
Valerie Schultz
A Reflection for Thursday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time, by Valerie Schultz
Inside the Vatican
Colleen and Gerry explore the appointment of three new bishops and the approval of a new diocese in China, actions that indicate rapid developments in the Vatican’s complex relationship with China.
FaithFaith and Reason
Laurie Johnston
The great danger of artificial intelligence is not that it is ineffective. It can also perform quite effectively. In fact, it is already transforming modern warfare.