Faith Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.August 21, 2019
Pew explains, “just one-third of U.S. Catholics (31 percent) say they believe that ‘during Catholic Mass, the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Jesus.’”
Faith Features
John FeisterAugust 21, 2019
Each grandparent finds their own way to maintain connections, build relationships and meet the challenges of sharing their Catholic faith from afar.
Faith Video
America FilmsAugust 21, 2019
Meet Father Michael Fish, a retreat master at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA, who teaches people how to find their "inner monk" and bring contemplation into their daily lives.
A girl talks with Pope Francis during his general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican Aug. 21, 2019. The pope allowed the girl with an undisclosed illness to move around undisturbed clapping and dancing on the stage.
Faith News
The pope told his security detail to "let her be. God speaks" through children.
Faith Video
America FilmsAugust 21, 2019
In the third episode of Jesuit Autocomplete, Fr. Eric Sundrup, S.J., and Fr. Paddy Gilger, S.J., answer some of the internet's most searched questions about Jesuits.
Politics & Society Editorials
The EditorsAugust 21, 2019

For some time now, the nation has seemed unable to have a civil discussion about a growing list of public policy issues. There seems to be no common ground on racism, gun control, immigration policy, international relations, the economy or climate change.

Arts & Culture Books
Jeffrey MeyersAugust 21, 2019
In his new biography of Henrik Ibsen, Ivo de Figueiredo describes the story of the suffering artist, his father’s bankruptcy, his years as an apothecary’s assistant and his role as writer and theater manager.
Faith News
Gerard O’ConnellAugust 21, 2019
Three judges of the Victoria Court of Appeal voted 2-1 to uphold Cardinal Pell's conviction.
Faith News
Associated PressAugust 20, 2019
Cardinal George Pell's conviction on child sexual abuse charges was upheld by a 2-1 ruling of an Australian court of appeal.
Arts & Culture Books
Jake MartinAugust 20, 2019
Robert Dean Lurie's biography of R.E.M. aims to trace the group’s rapid ascension from college town obscurity to rock’s upper echelons.
Survivors of Cyclone Idai arrive at an evacuation center on March 21, 2019, in Beira, Mozambique. The African nation is one of three that Pope Francis will visit in September. (CNS photo/Denis Onyodi, Red Cross Red Crescent via Reuters) 
Faith Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O’ConnellAugust 20, 2019
Pope Francis will visit Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius in his September trip, writes Vatican correspondent Gerard O'Connell, all former colonies facing development challenges.
Faith The Word
Michael SimoneAugust 20, 2019
A life of true intentionality requires us to seek out the lost and welcome them.
Faith The Word
Michael SimoneAugust 20, 2019
Discipleship requires us to renounce our ego.
Bishop J. Mark Spalding of Nashville, Tenn., center, listens to a speaker on the first day of the spring general assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Baltimore June 11, 2019. (CNS photo/Bob Roller)
Faith News
Reacting to the scandal of clergy sex abuse and cover-up 17 years ago, eight bishops offered a bold proposal to convene a regional synod for the church in the United States.
Couples exchange vows during a wedding service at St. Michael the Archangel Church in Georgetown, Del., on Feb. 14, 2010. (CNS photo/Don Blake, The Dialog)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Robert David SullivanAugust 20, 2019
Nearly two-thirds of college graduates are married, writes Robert David Sullivan, compared with only about half of those who have not gone beyond high school.
In this Feb. 26, 2019, photo, Cardinal George Pell leaves the County Court in Melbourne, Australia. Pell’s lawyers argued in his appeal that there were more than a dozen “solid obstacles” that should have prevented a jury from finding him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of molesting two choirboys. The appeal court will give their verdict on Aug. 21. (AP Photo/Andy Brownbill)
Politics & Society News
Cardinal Pell would walk free if the three judges acquit him of the five convictions.
Faith Examen
James Martin, S.J.August 19, 2019
There’s nothing wrong with setting a particular practice aside for a time and trying something else. Maybe you could pray with the psalms. Or maybe take a book of spiritual reflections and let that invite you into prayer. Or maybe you could just sit quietly in God’s presence.
A Mass for young adults on Dec. 7, 2016, at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz)
Faith Short Take
Jane Cooley FruehwirthAugust 19, 2019
All youth counselors should be aware of this connection.
Layla Taalo, far right, with her daughter and niece. All were captives of ISIS. Photo by Kevin Clarke.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Kevin ClarkeAugust 19, 2019
“There is no hope, no future here.”
Politics & Society News
Catholic News ServiceAugust 19, 2019
Planned Parenthood says it's pulling out of the federal family planning program.