February 27, 2012
Sidney Callahan on the drama of human happiness
October 09, 2006
In the highly charged and fertile theological world out of which Vatican II was born there was widespread agreement that the Catholic Church needed to rethink itself Stale Thomistic recitations seemed out of step with emerging ways of looking at Christ the world the liturgy the role of both ord
February 27, 2006
Some might find irony in the fact that at the time the National Pastoral Life Center was issuing a comprehensive report on the burgeoning numbers of laypersons serving in various parish capacities, the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops this past November was having difficulti
July 19, 2004
First of all the answers to two questions burning at the back of many of our minds concerning the highly charged issue of faith-based initiatives Yes absolutely faith-based organizations do a better job rendering social services than public or government-funded agencies and no absolutely they
April 07, 2003
Those of us who knew Paul Dinter as the Catholic chaplain at Columbia University in the 1970 rsquo s and 80 rsquo s were presented with a personable intellectually rigorous and obviously virtuous priest in a crisp Roman collar and well-tailored black suit It was not that he was an unblinking spear
October 14, 2002
When The Changing Face of the Priesthood was published two years ago it created a virtual firestorm in the church The Rev Donald Cozzens was praised for his honesty and vilified for his unsportsmanlike conduct He had the nerve to say not only that a substantial number of priests and seminarians
August 12, 2002
It was one of those chilling moments I was seated across from my parish priest who had just gotten back from an extended ldquo time away rdquo mdash yet unexplained When I mentioned my interest in a more disciplined prayer life perhaps to buy a breviary mdash the standard daily book of prayers
April 08, 2002
What is it about this book that troubles me with its robust Catholic cheerleading rah-rahing us through sacraments the life and current presence of Jesus Christ our rich tradition While I completely agree with what Thomas Groome is saying am I turning into somewhat of a crabby Catholic at the
April 08, 2000
We Catholics are quite a strange lot actually We make the nastiest bigots and the most wonderful saints Of course such a potpourri of human experience could never be stirred by such clumsy tools as doctrine and church discipline No there rsquo s far more to it than that In the hands and throug
April 01, 2000
Donald Cozzens sits at a unique crossroads being both a priest of 35 years and the rector of a major seminary So this must have been at once a sadand yet liberatingbook to write For what Father Cozzens rector of St Mary Seminary in Cleveland has embarked upon is as comprehensive and honest an