Pope Francis

Faith Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O'Connell February 22, 2017
“Amoris Laetitia” addresses the reality of Catholics in “non-legitimate unions” and opens the possibility for them to receive the Eucharist under certain conditions.
Politics & Society Film
America Films February 21, 2017
Speaking at a Vatican international forum on migrants, Pope Francis condemns "populist rhetoric" and calls for a "change of attitude" in welcoming migrants.
Politics & Society Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O'Connell February 21, 2017
The pope's emphasis on protecting undocumented workers is particularly significant for Europe and the United States, where the treatment of refugees and migrants has been a consistent challenge.
Politics & Society News
Pope Francis said that European countries must not only welcome migrants but integrate them into society.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Michael J. O'Loughlin February 17, 2017
“The grave danger," Pope Francis writes, "is to disown our neighbors. When we do so, we deny their humanity and our own humanity...and we deny the most important Commandments of Jesus.”
Faith Pope Francis Homilies
Pope Francis February 16, 2017
Pope Francis: “war begins in the heart of a person; it begins at home, in the family, among friends and then goes out into the whole world.”