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Michael O'Loughlin March 24, 2017
“This bill is catastrophic for Catholic social teaching and particularly for the people who we’re called to serve,” Sister Carol Keehan said.
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Bishop Cantu said the meeting was to let Tillerson know "that our only motive is to help build the common good, that we don't have ulterior motives."
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Michael J. O'Loughlin March 22, 2017
The ruling appears to confirm fears among some faith leaders that courts are reining in the definition of religious practice.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Michael O'Loughlin March 21, 2017
The cardinal has frequently been critical of the Trump administration’s stance toward undocumented immigrants and refugees.
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Eileen Markey March 21, 2017
The media is not the “enemy of the people.” We are the people’s detectives.
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The Editors March 21, 2017
What is needed is a case for civility and engagement across the lines of ideology, race and class—grounded not just in freedom or tolerance but charity.