Holi, India. Photo: Argot Pictures
Arts & Culture Film
John AndersonMay 04, 2017
John Anderson reviews "Sacred," a documentary exploring various world religions.
A scene from 'Heal the Living'
Arts & Culture Film
Raymond A. SchrothApril 16, 2017
There is hardly a religious word in all of “Heal the Living,” but the film doesn’t need them.
Mike Vogel in "The Case for Christ"
Arts & Culture Film
Paul Lickteig, S.J.April 06, 2017
These movies are unlikely to convert unbelievers, because they demand a type of belief that requires unassailable evidence.
Amie in 'Abortion: Stories Women Tell’ (photo courtesy HBO)
Arts & Culture Film
Addie MenaApril 04, 2017
Instead of engaging women as persons, the film instrumentalizes them to push a political agenda.
Melissa Leo as Madalyn Murray O’Hair in "The Most Hated Woman in America" (Netflix) 
Arts & Culture Film
Jake MartinApril 04, 2017
"The Most Hated Woman in America" indicts Madalyn Murray O’Hair as no better than the corrupt religious leaders that she railed against.
Pierre Niney and Paula Beer in “Frantz.” © Jean-Claude Moireau - Foz/Courtesy of Music Box Films
Arts & Culture Film
Raymond A. SchrothMarch 15, 2017
François Ozon directs a parable set in the years immediately following World War I.