December 09, 2015
Editors’ Note: On the centenary of Frank Sinatra's birth, America remembers the time when Ol' Blue Eyes wrote in the pages of our magazine. Former editor in chief George W. Hunt, S.J., wrote a glowing Of Many Things column to mark the singer’s 75th birthday, printed bel
October 08, 2012

One shaft of sunlight that has illuminated a rather gloomy year for most Americans has been the year-long celebration in honor of George Gershwin. When Gershwin died suddenly at age 38 in 1937, the novelist John O'Hara wrote in his typically hard-boiled-sentimental style: "They tell me George

October 04, 2010
Peter Quinn investigates the mystery of Judge Crater.
July 06, 2009
Blake Bailey's biography of John Cheever is a literary triumph in its own right.
February 23, 2009
Mary Pat Kelly's 'Galway Bay,' reviewed
February 16, 2009
An appreciation of a Christian man of letters
February 04, 2008
Allow me to presume that you are one of those mildly perverse people who finds delight in stories that run counter to your usual fuddy-duddy moral judgments offered in public If so then we know that there are several sure-fire kinds of narrative that never lose the naughty appeal of slumming with
March 19, 2007
The cover for this delightful collection of interconnected essays is the famous photo taken in 1932 of 11 ironworkers enjoying a relaxed lunch break as they sit side by side perched on an I-beam a thousand feet up in open space overlooking mid-Manhattan their legs nonchalantly dangling from the sk
January 29, 2007
Michael Lewis is a splendid and exceptional writer What creates the splendor is his gift for narrative pace for sly wit for the telling detail for the clarity and verve of his sentences What makes him exceptional is his ability to compose gripping tales about highly technical or dull subjects
July 03, 2006
John Updike has written a contemporary thriller a first for him after publishing 50 fiction and non-fiction books and a pleasant surprise for the rest of us because it is a fine one John Grisham et al stand aside A pro has entered your ranks The terrorist of the title and the story rsquo s c