In All Things
December 20, 2016
It is in Christ—in all things—that we learn to see the world anew.
Faith In All Things
December 13, 2016
To study Ramanuja and his writings is to gain a glimpse of a Hindu tradition that is old and deep, learned and pious.
Demonstrators shout and hold signs in front of the White House in Washington Nov. 10 following President-elect Donald Trump's victory in the Nov. 8 election (CNS photo/Kevin Lamarque, Reuters).
Politics & Society In All Things
December 08, 2016
This “not” is no solution, whether it is hurled against Mr. Trump or against President Obama.
Faith In All Things
December 02, 2016
Two saintly Christians separated by only a few decades in time.
Faith In All Things
November 13, 2016
It is helpful and healthy to put aside the myth of sure and sunny progress. Our nation is a very good one, even if it’s never been the “greatest nation on earth.”
Faith In All Things
November 07, 2016
A desire to return to nature need not be labeled “un-Christian.” Ashes to ashes, after all.
Women hold children while sifting through plastic bottles at a recycling factory in Mohammadpur, Bangladesh, Oct. 26. (CNS photo/Abir Abdullah, EPA)
Faith In All Things
October 28, 2016
No religious community can exempt itself from responsibility for the earth.
Faith In All Things
October 09, 2016
I have been deeply influenced by Hinduism in preparing my homilies, but I have almost never mentioning Hinduism from the pulpit.
New College in Edinburgh
In All Things
September 27, 2016
The building of walls and the exclusion of the stranger are truly not the main forces of our time.
In All Things
September 26, 2016
On Sunday morning, I joined in the Sunday service at St. Salvator's Chapel, the University Church at St. Andrews.