Of Many Things
December 08, 2008
The global consciousness of America's editors
Of Many Things
October 13, 2008
The good work of the Sisters of Life
Of Many Things
February 25, 2008
Pilgrimage sites, near and far
Of Many Things
December 17, 2007
The plight of Iraqi Christians
November 19, 2007
Two Americans join the college of cardinals.
Faith in Focus
July 30, 2007
We still miss our mother, but with no regrets and an awareness of the flow of life.
Of Many Things
July 02, 2007
Two exemplary priests and their parishes
February 26, 2007
Any reviewer will find his benevolence to an author increased when he finds a distant relative playing even a minor role in the narrative In the Rev Andrew M Greeley rsquo s latest novel Irish Linen I found Tom Linehan serving as the Irish charg eacute d rsquo affaires in Switzerland in 1944
Of Many Things
February 26, 2007
Walter M. Abbott, S.J., remembers the day in the early 1960’s. He was working in his room above the offices in the old America editors’ residence on West 108th Street in Manhattan, when a call came in from the real estate expert who had been looking for a more suitable building to house
Of Many Things
December 04, 2006
When I was a grumpy teenager in high school, I retreated one Advent to the calm of our cellar and allowed only my sister to visit for help. We had a project. It had been years since we had set up the “Christmas platform”; but that year we had a new baby, something of such cosmic signific