Politics & Society Short Take
February 16, 2017
Science is a necessary point of reference, but it should by no means be the only political voice in the conversation.
A simulated image of the black hole merger known as GW150914.
Politics & Society
June 23, 2016
The most fundamental motivation of science is the human desire for contemplation.
Photo: Reuters/Tony Gentile
September 10, 2014
She would have to leave her intellect behind, my friend assumed, if she followed up on a profound experience of God that had led her to Mass. Eventually she decided to enroll in the catechumenate in order to become a member of the Catholic Church. Taking this step, she explained to me, would require
February 12, 2013
Adam D. Hincks, S.J., on the discovery of the "God particle," which resulted in a Nobel prize this week for two physicists
April 16, 2012
New scientific discoveries and old truths