Janice Farnham

May 31, 2010
Ten years ago a newly ordained Jesuit assigned to the editorial staff at America published his third book and personal vocation story In Good Company It chronicled his odyssey from a secure and lucrative corporate career in the New York offices of General Electric to life as a Jesuit with vows of
January 19, 2009
Why was Giordano Bruno burned at the stake?
June 18, 2007
At a recent viewing of the film ldquo Into Great Silence rdquo I was mesmerized as the camera circled the austere perimeter of a new Carthusian novice rsquo s cell and oratory stripped of any comforts or signs of individuality And then there she was pasted to the wall near a bare cross a sma
May 08, 2006
Joan of Arc is a saint of perennial appeal even in postmodern America At the level of popular culture Joan rsquo s unlikely story makes for good reading and viewing not to mention innumerable hagiographic and literary interpretations The most recent of the score of films about Joan Luc Besson
December 22, 2003
Along with Francis of Assisi Th r se of Lisieux ranks among the most venerated and popular Catholic saints and commands an impressive following that includes those with no religious faith or affiliation Th r se rsquo s life writings and reputation have prompted countless works in print rangi
November 24, 2003
ldquo You will suffer for this rdquo With that ominous quotation Anita Caspary begins a tragic and potent narrative of the 1967 crisis that led her religious congregation to dissolve its canonical ties with the Vatican and form an independent ecumenical community Older Catholics have vivid mem
April 21, 2003
In the cold December half-light where I sat with my first cup of coffee, it caught my eye. I was intent on praying myself into a good attitude for a weekend of meetings, and saw outside my window one of many astounding ironies in midtown Manhattan. There, in the middle of a postage-stamp size conven
May 20, 2000
When was the last time you picked up a long and thorough study by a professional historian that you couldn rsquo t put down Ruth Harris rsquo s new book published to critical acclaim by the academic and literary communities may well do the trick for you It provides an elegantly written intellig