The National Catholic Review

October 19, 2009

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Current Comment
A Way Out in Honduras; Sudan's Crucified Christians; A Visit from the Grand Master
What Should Count
Traditional economic indicators have proven to be unreliable measures of social well-being.


No Easy Way Out
David Cortright
Reassessing U.S. engagement in Afghanistan
A Man of Restless Delight
Jim McDermott
The poet Peter Steele's territory of joy
Call of the Wild
Ruth Anne Olson
Finding God in majestic places
Law and the Giver of Life
Daniel J. Harrington
John P. Meier revisits the historical Jesus.
Food, Fable and More
Patricia A. Kossmann
Book briefs

Books and Culture

Capital Crimes
Thomas J. Massaro
Michael Moore goes to Wall Street.
Art of Transcendence
Robert E. Lauder
“As Seen Through These Eyes” helps us to see that human creativity can transcend even the most inhuman situations.
The Kids Are All Right
Jake Martin
Both “Gossip Girl” and “Glee” provide startlingly authentic accounts of the primitive needs of contemporary adolescents.