The National Catholic Review

February 26, 2007

Vol. 196 No. 7Whole No. 4764


Global Stewardship
In their accounts of the divine creation, the mysterious opening pages of the Bible twice indicate that the work men and women do is neither a penalty nor a curse but an essential human experience toward which these creatures were naturally oriented even before the Fall.
Current Comment
A Target TongueI am not anti-gun, I’m pro-knife, declared Molly Ivins, extolling the knife’s ability to increase physical fitness: You have to catch up with someone in order to stab him.


You Did It to Me
Elizabeth A. Johnson
Believing in the Miracle of Peace
Jim Douglass

An Interview with Jim Douglass

From a Colleague Down the Hall
Ladislas Orsy

Tribute to Robert F. Drinan

Splendidly Himself
John Langan

Tribute [Funeral Homily] of Robert F. Drinan

To Follow Jesus
M. Shawn Copeland

Books and Culture

Nothing MattersEverything Matters'
Peter Heinegg

In his essay Reflections on Gandhi (1949), George Orwell declared, Saints should always be judged guilty until they are proved innocent.

A Dark Search
Dennis M. Linehan

Any reviewer will find his benevolence to an author increased when he finds a distant relative playing even a minor role in the narrative

What's Best for the Social Order?
Robert K. Vischer

A wave of recent books has left the distinct impression that the harnessing of religious ideals to political power has ushered in a new Dark

A Trojan Horse
Jim McDermott

The sixth season of Fox’s juggernaut television drama 24 debuted recently with a typically nightmarish scenario: random

Columns and Departments

The Word
The Transfiguration of Gods Prophet

Daniel J. Harrington

Burns, Blessings and Sacred Scars

Margaret Silf

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Dennis M. Linehan