The National Catholic Review

July 19, 2004

Vol. 191 No. 2Whole No. 4657


Never Again

For years the hypothetical case of the “ticking time-bomb” has served as a test for moralists probing the limits of absolute prohibitions: Are authorities permitted, by way of exception, to torture a captive who probably has information about a hidden time-bomb that could kill large numbers of pe

Books and Culture

For Those in Need
Paul Wilkes

First of all, the answers to two questions burning at the back of many of our minds concerning the highly charged issue of faith-based in

In Our Own Image
John A. Coleman

Reading American Jesus, I longed to teach again a course I regularly used to offer on American culture and religion.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Let Us Pray

Dianne Bergant

The Word
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Dianne Bergant

Faith in Focus
Living With My Sisters

Jeffrey J. Guhin

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

James Martin, SJ

Blue Hydrangeas

Karen Zealand


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