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August 4, 2003

Vol.189 / No.3
The Word
Dianne BergantAugust 04, 2003

When we lose faith it seldom has much to do with mysterious doctrines like the Trinity or the hypostatic union More often we lose faith in people to whom we looked for guidance or we judge life to have taken such a disastrous turn that not even God can remedy circumstances We lose faith in huma

Michael SherwinAugust 04, 2003

Dave Brubeck is recognized as a gifted jazz pianist and composer. His use of innovative techniques, like the unique time signatures showcased in the breakthrough album, Time Out (1959), made him a leading light of West Coast jazz. Indeed, the singular chemistry of his classic quartet established him

Of Many Things
Dennis M. LinehanAugust 04, 2003

I confess; I am a pack rat. Let those who would point a bony finger or raise a censorious eyebrow take comfort. I suffer from this. I know that I shouldn’t be living in a secondhand bookstore, still less on a rubbish tip. And I promise to reform. The gift of 50 trash bags, 30-gallon size, from

John CoughlanAugust 04, 2003

A draft constitution for the European Union was presented at a summit meeting in Greece on June 20. The debate over whether the constitution should include references to religion has raised fundamental questions about European identity. Despite the trans-Atlantic acrimony of recent months, the 105 m


Promoting the largest deregulation campaign in the last half century the Bush administration says deregulation will bring prosperity and health But will it Cass R Sunstein a professor of law at the University of Chicago makes the case for the Bush claims He says that environmental laws kill m

Ronald E. PowaskiAugust 04, 2003

The Bush administration’s response to North Korea’s nuclear weapon challenge has been hypocritical. While the North Korean decision to withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty last January was lamentable, it is also understandable. The Bush administration itself has done much to

The Word
Dianne BergantAugust 04, 2003

Many homes proudly display pictures of family members or of times not to be forgotten Some of these pictures are individually framed Others are combined two or three photos hinged together As we celebrate this Marian feast the church offers us two depictions of Mary In the Western church this