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April 7, 2003

Vol.188 / No.12
The Word
Dianne BergantApril 07, 2003

When I was a child I climbed up on a billboard to see a soldier who had returned from an unpopular assignment We waved flags and cheered It was thrilling despite the fact that this hero had come home in disgrace I was proud that I could say ldquo I was there I saw him rdquo I wonder what

J. Bryan HehirApril 07, 2003

The autumn and winter have been consumed with the debate about Iraq, but decisions about Iraq are part of a more comprehensive policy vision announced by the Bush administration in its National Security Statement of September 2002. Here is a summary of the major themes of the statement, a survey of

Of Many Things
James Martin, SJApril 07, 2003

The television coverage of the war in Iraq has been like none other. As soon as President Bush’s deadline of March 19 had passed, TV viewers were offered the opportunity to see, in real time, images from the besieged city of Baghdad. And thanks to embedded reporters, viewers could peer into th

Richard P. CaroApril 07, 2003

The United States Supreme Court issued its decision in Scheidler v. National Organization for Women, Inc. on Feb. 26. The question before the court was whether the massive pro-life abortion protest demonstrations of the 1980’s and 90’s constituted acts of extortion under the federal exto

Roy ThomasApril 07, 2003

Lest anyone forget a war is still being fought in Afghanistan Moreover the capture or death of Osama bin Laden does not signal victory in that campaign If the objective is to make that region a less receptive host to future terrorists then Afghans on the ground will decide success This will be

Melanie McDonaghApril 07, 2003

In the cathedral church of Amiens, in Picardy, there is a relic of quite remarkable distinction. It is the head of St. John the Baptist. Or if we are to be precise, the frontal part of the skull. There, set into the wall, is the sacred head that was separated from its body at the behest of a dancing


Vatican: Both Sides to Blame for Failure to DisarmExpressing deep pain at the start of U.S. military strikes on Iraq, the Vatican said both sides were to blame for failing to achieve the peaceful disarmament of Iraq under international law. In a statement on March 20, just hours after U.S. missiles