The National Catholic Review

February 24, 2003

Vol. 188 No. 6Whole No. 4600


War or Peace?

In the Western democratic tradition, debates over war and peace are recorded as far back as the Peloponnesian Wars. St.


East Timor: Up From the Ashes
Dennis M. Linehan

Last summer I traveled to the other end of the globe and met a modern heroine, described by a friend as “our four-foot terrorist.” Maryknoll Sister Nora Maulawin earned that description during the

Vatican II: The Myth and the Reality
Avery Dulles

The memory of the Second Vatican Council, 40 years after the opening of the council, continues to arouse both acclamation and vilification.

The Style of Vatican II
John W. OMalley

Forty years have passed since the opening of the Second Vatican Council. To people born after about 1950, the council can seem as remote as the American Revolution.

Books and Culture

Woman and the Word
Wayne A. Holst
In his foreword to Finding the Treasure Within: A Woman’s Journey into Preaching, the spiritual author Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I., w
Outmaneuvering the Bureaucrats
Christopher W. Franz
More words are misused in politics than in any other field of human endeavor.
Apologista Extraordinario
Peter Heinegg
American Catholics old enough to remember Bishop Fulton J.

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New Life in Christ
Dianne Bergant
The Word
Give It Up!
Dianne Bergant
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This One's Called Praise
Valerie Schultz
Middle Age and the Unwrinkled Brow
Thomas J. McCarthy
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Patricia A. Kossmann
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