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April 8, 2002

Vol.186 / No.12
Richard P. McBrienApril 08, 2002

Thomas Cahill rsquo s highly successful Hinges of History series has established him as one of the most engaging and popular authors in the field of religion today Three volumes have been published thus far How the Irish Saved Civilization The Gifts of the Jews and Desire of the Everlasting Hills

Thomas J. McCarthyApril 08, 2002

Marriage is said to be a sacred union. But I have had cause lately to contemplate just what a sacred union is and is not. Two dear friends have endured painful separations from spouses. One couple has recently reunited; the other appears headed for an ugly divorce. Like most people, I’ve known

The Word
John R. DonahueApril 08, 2002

On this Good Shepherd Sunday the Gospel readings in all cycles present excerpts from John 10 Breaking the chapter into segments this way presents major problems since the distinctive Johannine theology emerges only from Jn 10 1-18 Today rsquo s reading is an appetizer before the main course Je

Faith in Focus
Willard F. JabuschApril 08, 2002

We were told to meet at the Bronze Door of the Vatican Palace on the morning of Dec. 23 last year. After the security check and a short wait at the foot of a monumental marble stairway, we were led up through the vast courtyard of St. Damasus, down a long gallery decorated with frescos of old maps a

Thomas R. MurphyApril 08, 2002

Sadly the question of how a president of the United States might lead effectively in wartime is again pertinent in terms of both historiography and policy Recently the nation learned that Michael Beschloss rsquo transcription of Lyndon Johnson rsquo s recorded conversations reveal that Johnson

Christopher PramukApril 08, 2002

Baptized in the rivers of night, Gethsemani has recovered her innocence. Darkness brings a semblance of order before all things disappear. With the clock slung over my shoulder, in the silence of the Fourth of July, it is my time to be the night watchman, in the house that will one day perish.Thomas


Paul Mariani is a poet critic biographer and holder of an endowed chair in the English department of Boston College In his idle moments he is also the poetry editor for America In Thirty Days he gives us a spiritual memoir tracking his experiences while making the long retreat set out in the