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September 16, 2000

Vol.183 / No.7
Marie Anne MayeskiSeptember 16, 2000

Kenan Osborne O F M professor emeritus at the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley brings impressive credentials and an enviable reputation to the task he sets himself in this volume The task is worthy of the man a complete reworking of sacramental theology so as to open it up to new line


False Sense of Religious Tolerance’ Worries VaticanTaking aim at the notion that one religion is as good as another, a new Vatican document emphasized the exclusive, universal and absolute value of Jesus Christ and said the Catholic Church is necessary for salvation. While acknowledging that n

William J. OMalleySeptember 16, 2000

If Booth Tarkington wrote Seventeen today, he’d have to call it Ten. Yet those in charge of Catholic catechesis, judging from their directories and vetting of texts, urge us to teach the young as if their families still routinely attend Sunday Benediction. Someone should inform the front offic

James Martin, SJSeptember 16, 2000

Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island for the last few weeks, you know that the lucky winner of the CBS series Survivor was revealed during its Aug. 23 episode. America’s newest millionaire is the now-famous Richard Hatch, a Machiavellian corporate trainer, of whom we will undou

Regis A. DuffySeptember 16, 2000

Titles can be deceiving but The Prophetic Spirit of Catechesis does indeed capture both the argument and spirit of this book It is only in the Afterword that Mongoven formally explains the title but the attentive reader will experience its meaning on every page The book is divided into two parts

The EditorsSeptember 16, 2000

At one point in his acceptance speech before the Democratic National Convention last month, Vice President Gore worked himself up into a rhetorical outcry: The last thing this country needs is a Supreme Court that overturns Roe v. Wade. That was actually a scare tactic. On June 28 of this year, the

The Word
John R. DonahueSeptember 16, 2000

Christians today tend to think of the age of martyrs in terms of the early centuries of the church with vivid pictures of lions about to devour those who would not deny Christ Yet Karl Rahner once noted that today we should speak not only of martyrs of the faith but also of martyrs of justice Th