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April 8, 2000

Vol.182 / No.12
Kathy OConnellApril 08, 2000

At first the inclusion of Brian De Palma among the six directors thoughtfully dissected in Richard A Blake rsquo s AfterImage The Indelible Catholic Imagination of Six American Filmmakers did not seem to fit The other five mdash Martin Scorsese Alfred Hitchcock John Ford Frank Capra and Franci

Our readersApril 08, 2000

A League in SyncJames Martin, S.J., offers a comprehensive overview of anti-Catholicism in America and an excellent analysis of its root causes (The Last Acceptable Prejudice? 3/25). His position that the Catholic League is too overheated, however, deserves a response.Our style is not out of sync wi

Peter HeineggApril 08, 2000

Academic authors occasionally write with verve and color there rsquo s no law against it but when their subject is academe itself caveat lector The historians Jon Roberts U of Wisconsin Stevens Point and James Turner Notre Dame devote a full third of their text to notes and glosses They

Francis A. SullivanApril 08, 2000

On the first Sunday of Lent of this jubilee year, Pope John Paul II celebrated a solemn liturgy in which he and the cardinals of the Roman Curia who joined him offered a "universal prayer," which had the title: "Confession of Sins and Asking for Forgiveness." This solemn act was

Chris ManahanApril 08, 2000

Heroes populate Ian Frazier rsquo s book about the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota Some of the heroes are of his own making others we recognize by name and still others are unique to the Oglala Lakota who live on the reservation All of them are cast against a backdrop of problems

Thomas J. McCarthyApril 08, 2000

Every chance I get, I read. But why? For many reasons, of course: to educate myself, for aesthetic pleasure, to gather information and, underlying all the rest, out of a deeply ingrained sense of duty. I suppose a sense of duty is wrapped up in almost everything I do, including reading. Like any pro

The Word
John R. DonahueApril 08, 2000

The cumbersome title given to this day in the latest revision of the Lectionary Palm Sunday of the Lord rsquo s Passion captures the dual aspect of the liturgical celebration The processional rite of blessing and carrying palms describes Jesus rsquo triumphal entry into Jerusalem in what will be