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A lesson from philosopher Charles Taylor: the key feature of modern times is pluralism.  

To feminists of a certain cloth, the pro-life mentality is not an opposing view. It is an intrinsic evil.

Interfering with another nation’s politics having evidently become a thing, Donald Trump told his interviewer that Britain is “smart” for getting out of the European Union.

Deacon Greg Kandra (photo provided)

'I pray that somehow through my online ...I’ve been able make this vocation come alive for people.'

Pope Francis “puts his credibility on the line not only in the foreign policy field, but also in the pastoral field,” outgoing U.S. Vatican Ambassador Ken Hackett says.

'The law has brought about important gains in coverage and those gains should be protected.'

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This week Matt Malone, SJ., and Kerry Weber chatted to Robert David Sullivan about the role of Catholics in Congress across party lines.

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