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Can you be pro-life and a feminist? What about a pro-life socialist?

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope to address a general congregation.

Deforestation, pollution, overfishing and the illegal wildlife trade, together with climate change, "are pushing species populations to the edge.”

Catholic Charities USA came in at number five, raising about $2 billion in 2015.

If a bishop or school system decides to bust the union, teachers have few tools at their disposal to resist.

A new website called Catholic Women Preach will publish videos of women breaking open Scripture.

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America's L.A. Correspondent, Jim McDermott, talks to Kerry Weber and Matt Malone about religion and television.

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Pro-life Millennials Speak Out

Tired of the rhetoric around abortion? The loudest voices don’t always tell the whole story. We talked to 7 millennial women—socialist, libertarian, Republican, independent—all of them pro-life, about their hopes for the pro-life movement.

Oct 27 2016 - 5:46pm | America Films