Teresa Donnellan is an O'Hare Fellow at America.

Arts & Culture Art
April 21, 2017
These photos, patches of uniforms and drawings create a piecemeal account of life at Dachau during and after the war.
Sandra Green Thomas, representing the descendants of 272 sold into slavery in 1838, speaks at Georgetown University's Liturgy of Remembrance, Contrition and Hope.
Politics & Society Dispatches
April 18, 2017
Georgetown University and the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States began a process of penance and restitution, acknowledging an institutional sin in 1838 which preserved the university but condemned 272 to slavery in Louisiana.
Arts & Culture Books
April 17, 2017
Teresa Donnellan reviews "The Patriots" by Sana Krasikov.
Photo: Todd Heisler
Arts & Culture Culture
April 12, 2017
Michael Wilson, a graduate of Loyola New Orleans, wrote the New York Times column "Crime Scene" for the past six years.
Arts & Culture Television
March 31, 2017
One of the most compassionate shows on television, "Call the Midwife," returns this Sunday, April 2, for its sixth season.
The charming misfits of 'Table 19'
Arts & Culture Film
March 04, 2017
More “The Breakfast Club” than “Bridesmaids,” “Table 19” is sweet, fun and poignant.
Arts & Culture Music
February 03, 2017
Mumford and Sons, The Head and the Heart, Hozier and other artists use Christian language in their secular songs. Should Christians care?
Politics & Society
February 02, 2017
“Part of who we are is trying to be political without being partisan; principled but not ideological," said moderator John Carr.
Arts & Culture Film
February 01, 2017
"Little Sister" tells the story of Colleen, a young woman religious returning home after joining the Sisters of Mercy.
Politics & Society
January 30, 2017
“All are welcome in this place,” a crowd of people sang in Lafayette Square outside of the White House this afternoon.