Sam Sawyer, S.J.

Faith Of Many Things
March 22, 2017
Being comfortable receiving and processing information faster unfortunately does not correlate with our ability to assess that information for truth, much less for wisdom.
Politics & Society Short Take
January 25, 2017
Whatever motivated Mr. Trump to reinstate the Mexico City Policy, it was not a consistent recognition of the dignity and sacredness of every human life.
January 23, 2017
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Arts & Culture Television
January 17, 2017
Why is it easier to explore the gritty reality of racism, sexism or elitism when it’s set in another world?
Faith In All Things
November 03, 2016
Why Pope Francis' comments are both business as usual and something worth talking about.
In All Things
September 30, 2016
There is more than one way to measure the strength of the church.
In All Things
July 10, 2016
There are many roads to Jericho in the world today, but our country keeps winding up on this one.
In All Things
February 23, 2016
Unbreakable encryption is fact of modern life—because of math, not politics. We need to decide how to live with it.
In All Things
January 28, 2016
What if we admitted that what the Planned Parenthood videos revealed was legal, and then asked why?
In All Things
December 24, 2015
Preparations are beginning to deport families fleeing violence in Central America. Here are some suggestions about how to respond.