James L. Fredericks

July 30, 2007
In the Los Angeles area a community of observant Jews wants to bring picnic baskets to the beach on Saturdays Surprisingly this has put them at odds with both the Sierra Club and the staff of the California Coastal Commission According to Talmud a Jew may not schlep anything outside his home on
October 29, 2001
You Americans I was once reprimanded in Paris have little spirituality todayyou have only psychology Americans should not dismiss this scolding too quickly Kevin Gillespie rsquo s informal history of American Catholics and their embrace of psychology helps to put this issue in some perspective O
February 05, 2001
John Thiel who teaches at Fairfield University in Connecticut has already published books on authority as well as the debate over foundationalism Now he argues for a more complex appreciation of the meaning and dynamics of tradition As patristic and medieval theology recognized multiple senses i