Thomas Hughson

November 22, 2004
This volume of essays so exemplifies civil yet strenuous exchange on volatile topics in contemporary Catholicism that it exceeds a search for common Catholic ground and becomes instead that much-praised seldom-found reality a community of discourse And that takes into account the sharp point in P
February 18, 2002
Jim Cullen has rowed shorter pieces across the pages of Rolling Stone and Newsday as well as skippered three books through the riptides of cultural studies The Civil War in Popular Culture A Reusable Past Born in the U S A Bruce Springsteen and the American Tradition The Art of Democracy A Co
May 20, 2000
The co-editors of this sleek volume in CultureWork A Book Series from the Center for Literary and Cultural Studies at Harvard are Marjorie Garber William R Kenan Jr professor of English at Harvard and Rebecca L Walkowitz a Harvard Ph D candidate Professor Garber also directs the Center fo