Robert Durback

March 01, 2004
This carefully crafted selection of readings from 40 works by Henri Nouwen walks the reader through the seasons of the liturgical year It invites us to travel on quot a journey from chronos the chronological world of clocks and calendars to kairos time viewed as opportunity or encounter quot
September 17, 2001
The Jesuit John Dear once asked God for a sign Not only did he ask for a sign he gave God a timetable right now Heaven apparently was shaken The sign was granted immediately On the spot Dear was 21 at the time and only weeks away from entering the Society of Jesus Dear felt the best way to pr
February 26, 2001
In June 1994 in an Italian restaurant in Baltimore Michael Downey met with his friend and colleague Catherine Mowry LaCugna a professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame Together over linguini and Lonergan they hatched a plot Lamenting the notoriously dense and complex language sur