GROWING SEASON. The author and his father in front of his flower shop.
Faith in Focus
June 09, 2016
Sons, often defined by their fathers, necessarily reflect on the man who gave them life.
Faith in Focus
December 11, 2014
Finding grace and new growth at Christmas
Faith in Focus
March 13, 2014
Stan Rosenthal, a convicted murderer, finds salvation on the prison track.
Faith in Focus
September 19, 2011
As death approached, my sister experienced a range of emotions.
Faith in Focus
December 20, 2010
A lesson in flowers
Faith in Focus
October 18, 2010
Finding old friends and a new outlook at the ocean
Faith in Focus
December 14, 2009
God, Bob Cousy and me
November 16, 2009
A Catholic coach, an evangelical court