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June 06, 2011
A provocative new approach to the Spiritual Exercises
October 26, 2009
I began this book with the hope of helping to change the face of mental illness rdquo states Nancy Kehoe a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart and a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School Wrestling With Our Inner Angels is an important book Kehoe rsquo s thesis is c
September 15, 2008
Like many of my contemporaries I eagerly read The Divine Milieu in the early 1960s as soon as it was translated into English I recall being inspired by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin rsquo s bold and sweeping vision It was the first time I had ever been exposed to such a radical and optimistic Chris
April 09, 2007
For years I have stared at the five published volumes over 2 100 pages of Thomas Merton rsquo s letters arranged neatly on a shelf in my Merton collection and wondered if I would ever have time to work through them Occasionally I opened a volume to check a reference but the massive collection of
September 26, 2005
These books are the first two titles in The Ignatian Impulse Series a new series offered by Ave Maria Press ldquo By providing brief readable and engaging books rdquo the publisher tells us the series ldquo presents the spirituality of Ignatius of Loyola as a practical resource for spiritual
November 29, 2004
View From the Altar is a must-read for all who are interested in understanding the causes of the scandal of sexual abuse by members of the Catholic clergy Howard Bleichner a Sulpician priest who has served for 40 years in seminary formation 20 of them as rector of two major seminaries deserves t
February 16, 2004
For Eugene Kennedy Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago 1928-96 is an exemplar of the paschal mystery ldquo Joseph Bernardin rsquo s life tells us what happens when a man accepts the destiny that is given to few on behalf of us who are the many to recreate the central motif of Christian spirit
October 13, 2003
The Inner Experience is a significant addition to Thomas Merton rsquo s 1915-68 books in print In this text Merton the most prolific and widely read Christian spiritual author of the 20th century gives an orderly approach to his thought on contemplation available in no other text Further the
October 07, 2002
Survival or Prophecy is the right book for Merton devotees seeking greater insight into Merton rsquo s thoughts about monastic renewal In his letters to his friend Jean LeClercq Merton candidly bares his own soul revealing frustration with his monastic situation at Gethsemani and a yearning to li
May 20, 2002
Robert King a retired philosophy and religion professor and academic dean discovered only late in his academic career the contemplative dimension of Christianity Indeed the very idea of contemplative practice was alien to the tradition in which I was educated he notes There is a strong emphasi