Valerie Schultz

Faith Last Take
January 22, 2017
I might have come in wounded, but during Mass I am healed and made whole.
Faith In All Things
December 27, 2016
My parents found ways to make each other miserable towards the end of their marriage, but they also had times of deep love.
Faith In All Things
November 18, 2016
We’ve been together for decades, but I've finally broken up with my parish.
In All Things
September 08, 2016
We who write about God are probably least helpful when we think we are most profound.
In All Things
June 21, 2016
The God of second chances is a strong figure in prison.
In All Things
May 31, 2016
The rich young man is the only person in the Gospels who does not heed a direct call from Jesus.
In All Things
May 06, 2016
With the recent death of my mother, I feel more vulnerable to the threats and pitfalls of the world.
In All Things
March 27, 2016
We rise in many small ways as we travel our unique road of life.
In All Things
January 12, 2016
After many years, I found that I actually had a fondness for Bowie songs, because they made me think of my husband.
In All Things
January 03, 2016
Would I lie for my child if it would keep her out of prison? Would I flee with my kid to another country?