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Three men have publicly accused Archbishop Apuron of sexually abusing them when they were altar boys in the 1970s
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Michael O'Loughlin February 15, 2017
An appearance at the Vatican is often used by supporters to signal papal support for an individual or a cause, but the reality is far more complex.
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The intention to change "is exactly the theological element that allows absolution and access to the Eucharist as long as there is the impossibility of immediately changing the situation of sin."
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The statement came after a handful of public challenges to Pope Francis' teaching and authority
Faith Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O'Connell February 13, 2017
It is clear that if the president requests an audience, “the door would be open.”
Faith Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O'Connell February 09, 2017
One fruit of this Sino-Vatican agreement, which neither side has confirmed, will be that “from now on, there will be no more the crisis of a division between the open and underground communities in the church in China,” wrote Cardinal Tong.