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Ashley McKinless March 24, 2017
Also, what is subtweeting?
Faith The Good Word
Terrance W. Klein March 22, 2017
There are truths that can only be shared by way of testimony, and these are the ones that matter most to us.
Politics & Society Podcasts
The Editors March 22, 2017
“It seems to me that the [Benedict] Option itself is a luxury,” said Matt Malone, S.J., “and the people of Syria and the people of Haiti and the church there doesn’t have that option.”
Faith Of Many Things
Sam Sawyer, S.J. March 22, 2017
Being comfortable receiving and processing information faster unfortunately does not correlate with our ability to assess that information for truth, much less for wisdom.
Faith Faith in Focus
John Smith March 22, 2017
How loneliness and self-deception led me to rock bottom, and how God's grace saved me.
Faith News
Christians can take for granted the power of the sacrament of reconciliation and confess while being "unable to be ashamed" of their sins, the pope said.