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Our readers March 23, 2017
Teenagers and young adults feel more connected to the church when they are rolling up their sleeves and working.
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The Editors March 22, 2017
“It seems to me that the [Benedict] Option itself is a luxury,” said Matt Malone, S.J., “and the people of Syria and the people of Haiti and the church there doesn’t have that option.”
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Associated Press March 21, 2017
The new hospital opened in a remote section of southern Haiti where residents once had to travel for hours on rutted roads to reach a relatively well equipped medical center.
Arts & Culture Poem
m.nicole.r.wildhood March 21, 2017

her gloveless hands presenting dusty news
her crisp brown eyes rising and quickly plummeting to her graying sneakers with each
squeaky swipe of the automatic doors as shoppers exit, heavy bags swinging from
their elbows

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Pope Francis asked God's forgiveness for the failures of the Catholic Church during the 1994 Rwanda genocide and for the hatred and violence perpetrated by some priests and religious.
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Michael O'Loughlin March 16, 2017
The president’s proposed budget calls for ending several international aid programs.