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Russian and Polish studies indicate that 422 Catholic priests were executed, murdered or tortured to death, along with 962 monks, nuns and laypeople.
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Matt Malone, S.J. February 10, 2017
There is a big elephant in the room: What does Mr. Trump know about Russia? What does he not know? Does he know what he doesn’t know?
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Russia, Iran and Turkey set up a three-way mechanism to ensure compliance of all sides.
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Support from Europe and the United States has helped calm some fears related to neighboring Russia, said Archbishop Gintaras Grusas.
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Kevin Clarke October 13, 2016
The Russian countermeasures on proliferation followed quickly on the heels of a U.S. decision to suspend what had become fruitless negotiations toward a cease-fire in Syria. The setback does not bode well for near-term progress on U.S.-Russia disarmament, an effort that has been stalled for years af
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John J. Conley October 12, 2016
Bitter, brilliant controversy wracked each stage of the evolution of The Way and its allied academic institutions.