Religious Freedom

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Playing the religion card so openly is unusual in France, where the official separation of church and state is normally taken so seriously that politicians rarely if ever mention in public whether they have a faith or not.
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The Editors March 21, 2017
What is needed is a case for civility and engagement across the lines of ideology, race and class—grounded not just in freedom or tolerance but charity.
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The Editors March 16, 2017
“For all of our dissatisfaction with liberal order as Christians, those frustrations should not lead us to embrace the regime that is as ruthless at home as it is abroad, and fundamentally corrupt in so many ways.”
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Sohrab Ahmari March 14, 2017
Christianity faces a grave threat from globalization, but Vladimir Putin does not offer the right response.
Faith Of Many Things
Kerry Weber March 09, 2017
“What does the midwife tell us to do? Breathe. And then? Push.... Tonight we will breathe. Tomorrow we will labor in love through love, and your revolutionary love is the magic we will show our children.”
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The Editors March 08, 2017
This week on the podcast America’s contributing writer Stephanie Slade joins to discuss religious liberty.