Arts & Culture Poem
Amit MajmudarMay 17, 2017
"Starknowing. He places his hand in hers,/ but she doesn’t recognize it. What was love once/ is beyond forgotten now, is never having known"
Trail to Arbuckle Lake, Lake Wales Ridge State Forest, Florida, 20110406
Arts & Culture Poem
"But give me your silences,/ and I will wear them on my clothes,"
Arts & Culture Poem
Steven DeLaneyApril 25, 2017
On the long trip home they stopped in Glanmore
Arts & Culture Poem
Theresa BurnsApril 25, 2017
When my father totaled the white Volvo
Arts & Culture Poem
Louis J. MassonApril 24, 2017
Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!
Tree. source: Pablo-Flores
Arts & Culture Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.April 20, 2017
It might interest you to know that at least three of the 12 people who have rest areas named after them on the New Jersey Turnpike have some historical association with this magazine.