Interreligious Dialogue

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Despite this surge of goodwill, questions remain about whether these new connections can endure.
Politics & Society News
The invitation came amid increasingly closer relations between the Vatican and al-Azhar University, which is considered the most authoritative theological-academic institution of Sunni Islam.
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Eloise Blondiau March 10, 2017
Louis Theroux's curiosity, open-mindedness and consternation is exactly why his films are successful; he will never run out of questions.
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Eloise Blondiau March 08, 2017
"His attempts to gain access to the church even led Scientologists to set their own cameramen on Theroux, taunting him that they were making a documentary, too."
Faith Your Take
Our readers March 07, 2017
“Let's understand: Religious discrimination can also mean using one's own religion to discriminate against others.”
Faith In All Things
Michael O'Loughlin February 24, 2017
“The Catholic Church stands in love with the Jewish community in the current face of anti-Semitism.”