Health Care

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America Films March 24, 2017
Sister Carol Keehan condemned the G.O.P.-sponsored health care plan, calling the measure “anti-life” and citing concerns over how the measure would affect pregnant women and young mothers.
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Michael O'Loughlin March 24, 2017
“This bill is catastrophic for Catholic social teaching and particularly for the people who we’re called to serve,” Sister Carol Keehan said.
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Associated Press March 21, 2017
The new hospital opened in a remote section of southern Haiti where residents once had to travel for hours on rutted roads to reach a relatively well equipped medical center.
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Michael O'Loughlin March 20, 2017
“Regarding access for those most in need, the AHCA includes changes which place many people at significant risk,” Bishop Frank J. Dewane wrote.
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Robert David Sullivan March 10, 2017
The American Health Care Act seriously tests many principles of Catholic social teaching.
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Catholic News Service March 08, 2017
Health care is not just another issue, but a "fundamental issue of human life and dignity" and "a critical component of the Catholic Church's ministry."