Arts & Culture Television
John Anderson March 21, 2017
“Call Me Francis” is unafraid to delve into Francis’ intellectual conflicts. But neither is it afraid to be funny. 
Arts & Culture Film
Raymond A. Schroth March 15, 2017
François Ozon directs a parable set in the years immediately following World War I.
Arts & Culture Film
Eve Tushnet March 10, 2017
Under the jump scares and the improvised weapons “Get Out” is subtle and disturbing.
Arts & Culture Film
Eloise Blondiau March 10, 2017
Louis Theroux's curiosity, open-mindedness and consternation is exactly why his films are successful; he will never run out of questions.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Eloise Blondiau March 08, 2017
"His attempts to gain access to the church even led Scientologists to set their own cameramen on Theroux, taunting him that they were making a documentary, too."
Arts & Culture Film
Teresa Donnellan March 04, 2017
More “The Breakfast Club” than “Bridesmaids,” “Table 19” is sweet, fun and poignant.