Donald Trump

Politics & Society News
Michael O'Loughlin March 30, 2017
One of the pope’s senior advisers urged Mr. Trump to listen to “dissenting” voices when it comes to the environment.
Faith News
Michael O'Loughlin March 29, 2017
Catholic Charities agencies across the United States could face huge budget holes should Congress approve the president’s proposed budget.
Faith Faith in Focus
James Martin, S.J. March 29, 2017
This is what Catholic social teaching has to say about President Trump's environmental policies.
Politics & Society Video
America Films March 29, 2017
Here's what Pope Francis and Catholic social teaching have to say about climate change. 
Politics & Society News
Reversing any effort that reduces greenhouse gas pollution endangers the planet and puts the world's most vulnerable people at risk, the advocates said.
Arts & Culture Short Take
Mark Bosco, S.J. March 28, 2017
How unfortunate that the arts are caught in the cross-hairs of a ruptured and increasingly misguided political system.