Civil Rights

Politics & Society Dispatches
Verna Yu March 20, 2017
A draconian law adopted by the National People’s Congress is aimed at preventing Chinese citizens from challenging the Communist Party’s version of history.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Judith Valente March 18, 2017
In a five page “open letter,” Zachary Fardon traced problems in the city’s most troubled neighborhoods to neglect “rooted in ugly truths about power politics, race and racism.
Politics & Society Short Take
Robert K. Vischer February 28, 2017
A court decision compelling businesses to cater to same-sex weddings is a lazy response to the challenges of a pluralist society.
Politics & Society News
Communities need to be saved from "corruption, extortion, the illegal trafficking of drugs and weapons," he said.
Politics & Society Short Take
Jordan Denari Duffner January 23, 2017
It should not be difficult for Catholics to acknowledge the reality of Islamophobia.
Faith In All Things
Michael O'Loughlin January 16, 2017
Pope Francis has invoked the civil rights crusader in three high-profile messages delivered during his pontificate.