Politics & Society Dispatches
Verna Yu March 20, 2017
A draconian law adopted by the National People’s Congress is aimed at preventing Chinese citizens from challenging the Communist Party’s version of history.
Faith Dispatches
Gerard O'Connell February 09, 2017
One fruit of this Sino-Vatican agreement, which neither side has confirmed, will be that “from now on, there will be no more the crisis of a division between the open and underground communities in the church in China,” wrote Cardinal Tong.
Politics & Society News
Chinese officials say the country has stopped using executed prisoners as organ donors, but the international medical community remains skeptical.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Verna Yu January 26, 2017
"Every time I think of my husband and imagine what torture would have made him into, my heart aches."
Politics & Society Dispatches
Verna Yu January 23, 2017
"We must never fall into the trap of erroneous Western thinking and judicial independence."
Politics & Society News
The ruling Communist Party has long feared that opposition to its rule could be spread by religious and other civic groups outside its control.