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Joseph McAuley March 22, 2017
Breslin, the legendary New York reporter and columnist, died last week at 88.
Arts & Culture Books
Kristin Grady Gilger March 22, 2017
Kristin Gilger reviews "The Confessions of X" by Suzanne M. Wolfe.
Arts & Culture Books
Charles R. Morris March 22, 2017
Charles R. Morris reviews "Economism: Bad Economics and the Rise of Inequality" by James Kwak.
Arts & Culture Books
John A. Coleman March 07, 2017
John A. Coleman, S.J., reviews "A Church of the Poor: Pope Francis and the Transformation of Orthodoxy" by Clemens Sedmak.
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Charles C. Camosy February 23, 2017
Perhaps the most powerful pro-choice argument rests on the claim that restrictions on abortion do not actually stop abortion from happening—they only make said abortions safer. Biemans devastates the foundations of this argument.
Arts & Culture Books
Wyatt Massey February 22, 2017
Daphne Merkin presents a realistic but uncomfortable look into her struggle with depression.