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December 5-12, 2016

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All the News That Causes Fits

Our appetite for fake news does real harm to U.S. democracy

A United State

We must learn to love one another both in spite of and because of our differences. Let us begin.

Spotlight on Refugees

On the campaign trail, the president-elect put Syrian refugees “on notice.”

Signs of Change

Women make up less than 20 percent of Congress.


The Faces of Courage
Raymond A. Schroth

Fortitude requires endurance and patience

After November
Margot Patterson, Kevin E. Stuart, Jane Sloan Peters, Cecilia González-Andrieu, C. C. Pecknold, Jim McDermott

Catholics respond to the unexpected election of Donald J. Trump.

Books and Culture

Brotherly Love
Jim O'Grady

How do you carry on when a majority of your own church, clerical and lay, denounces you?

Students on the Way
George Dennis O'Brien

Vocation turns out to be critical not only for life beyond college, but for life within college.

A Mercurial Character
Richard A. Blake

Yes, Peter O’Toole did have a life after “Lawrence of Arabia.”

Theater of the Moment
Rob Weinert-Kendt

How the theater helps us to survive, and to challenge, politics

Columns and Departments

The Word
Tell Me Who You Are

Michael Simone

The Word
Encounters With Angels

Michael Simone

Faith in Focus
Exploring God’s Call

Ann Marie Brennan

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Matt Malone, S.J.

Not Jumping


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In the Time of Trump

John Carr

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Field Trip to Rikers

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Vatican Dispatch
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